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tractor trailer filled with servpro cleaning equipment

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

When your business has a disaster and you need a water damage restoration team that can handle the job, call the SERVPRO of Shelton, Naugatuck Emergency Response Team! We are ready 24/7.

2 SERVPRO employees cleaning contents of a house

We take care of the little things, too

Sometimes after a water damage event, the contents of a home will need to be packed up while restoration is ungoing. Our team takes care to clean every item  - big and small. 

large ventilation tubes coming out of a building

Commercial Water Damage

When this long care health facility required emergency water damage restoration, they called on us. When your business continuity is dependant on a quick response with the right equipment, call SERVPRO of Shelton, Naugatuck. 

man in protective gear cleaning a ceiling

Water Damage Restoration

The water damage occurred upstairs in the kitchen after the refrigerator ice maker line leaked. The water damaged the kitchen floors and seeped down to the subfloor in the basement below. 

ceiling damaged by fire

Kitchen Fire in Residential Home

When a home has a fire, the aftermath can be devastating. Our team understands how difficult this experience can be for homeowners. They draw upon their expertise to help the restoration process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Servpro employee pulling down insulation from the ceiling

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

After the water has been stopped, the clean up begins. In this commercial property in which the sprinkler system went off, the ceilings were affected, requiring the removal of wet and heavy insulation.

back of a building with fire damage and boarded up windows

Kitchen Fire at Local Restaurant

It's bound to happen to many restaurants- a fire in the kitchen. Not all kitchen fires are severe as this one but many require professional restoration and board up.

hvac filter covered in soot

Puffbacks Spread Soot and Dust Throughout CT Homes

Puffbacks occur when a burner malfunctions, sending black soot throughout the house. Homeowners will find a fine layer of black on all of the surfaces of the house. It can even make it's way into the HVAC system.

wood floors of a home with water puddled on them

Vacant Home Suffers Water Damage

Many Connecticut homeowners escape the snow and go south in the winter and we can't blame them! Vacant homes, however, are at risk for water damage due to frozen pipes that burst and aren't immediately discovered. 

man in servpro uniform vacuuming floor

Water Damage from an Overflowing Toilet

When a toilet malfunctions, the damage can literally spread throughout the house. Because toilet water can be gray or black water (CAT 2 and CAT 3), professional cleanup by SERVPRO is recommended. 

Mold on wall

What is Lurking Behind the Fridge?

Sometimes, a mold infestation can be hidden right in your kitchen, as was the case in the kitchen of this home. When the refrigerator was moved, this mold was discovered. 

servpro equipment being used to ventialte and dry a room

Mitigating Damage to Wood Floors

When water damage occurs - whether due to flooding, a burst pipe or a bathtub leak - it is not always necessary to rip out the entire flooring. In many cases, we can remove only the damaged area and save the rest. 

pipe with a crack in it

Frozen Pipe in CT home

By far, the most common call we receive in the wintertime is due to water damage from a frozen pipe that has burst. Even in well insulated homes, pipes can freeze and burst in Connecticut.

warehouse with shelving that has several inches of water on the floor

Commercial Warehouse with Flood Damage

Thankfully, most of the contents of this warehouse were off the ground and unharmed by the several inches of water that pooled up after a recent tropical storm. Our team was able to mitigate the water damage quickly and with minimal business interruption.